Jack Nye’s sailing memoirs

A traveler’s insight through the eyes of a sailor

1966 – Fishing in NF

Jack Nye and Steve fishing aboard Blue sea… and then, there was the sea to explore parts unknown.

1978 – Sailing blue waters

Jack Nye – some trip images.

1978 – Santiago Chile

Jack Nye and Hilda in Santiago Chile.


PORTUGAL to ANTIGUA – Hugh Griffin’s Boat.

1980 – Chile

Jack Nye letter to the embassy of Chile.


Bermuda to Antigua – Bob Lush’s Boat.

1983 – Portugal to Antigua

Jack Nye from Mississauga, ON, is currently just north of Flemish Cap (the Grand Banks) sailing to Long Pond, Newfoundland from Bantry Bay, Ireland – his final trans-Atlantic double crossing.

1983 – Lord Jim

Taurange New Zealand around Cape Horn to Mar del Plata Chile. Skipper Holgar Kreuzhage – Crew Jack Nye, Michael Johnson, Steve Karpa, Jane Hook, and Kathy Reidesel.

1985 – Panderama

Plymouth England  to Port Credit Ontario Canada. 36 days to cross Lloyd Hercock & John Griffiths.

1989 – APOLIMA

Buenos Aires to Punta Arenas – Mike Dorey’s boat.

1991 – CROIX (Cross of Saint Paul)

Ushuaia Argentina around Cape Horn West to East and back to Ushusia.


TALL SHIP from Boston to Liverpool England.


TALL SHIP from Boston Maryland USA to Halifax Nova Scotia Jack Nye and Michael Johnson part of crew members.

1994 – Grise Fiord

“A trip to the colder parts of the globe… “


Port Stanley around Cape Horn East to West to Val Divio Chile. Jack Nye. Captain Terry Williams, Owner Roger Harris, Marwina, the cook and David Pappas.

1996 – Panderama

Armdale Yacht Club, Halifax to Plymouth England. 21 days to cross. Bob McDada & Garret Brackemar.

1997 – Pandreama

Plymouth England to Bantry Bay Ireland then on to Nfld. John Hasswell & Arron Kelly.


Jack Nye crew member from Sydney Nova Scotia to France. NOTE: The next time I met the MATTHEW was in Montreal where I joined her for the historic trip down the ST. LAWRENCE to Kingston, Ontario to Port Credit Yacht Club.

2000 – Panderama – Solo

Plymouth England was the plan but, due to two knockdowns & a 365 degree knockdown after 21 days and 400 nautical miles.
Off the Coast of Ireland, Jack was picked up by a container ship named The Atlantic Companion as PANDERAMA went down.