Jack Nye’s sailing memoirs

A traveler’s insight through the eyes of a sailor

2001 – English Rose

Armdale Yacht Club Halifax to Plymouth England – Tom Hutton..

2002 – English Rose

Plymouth England via Horta (Azores) to Armdale Yacht Club Halifax.
35 days to cross – John Haswell.

2003 – English Rose

Long Pond Nfld. to Galway Bay Ireland.
Wayne Douglas.

2003 – English Rose

Galway Bay Ireland to Long pond Nfld.
John Haswell

2004 – English Rose

Armdale Yacht Club Halifax to Plymouth England.
SOLO – 25 days to cross.

2004 – St. John’s fishing trip

While visiting customers in NF, Jack met Tony Nobel in a restaurant and was invited to go on fishing trip.

2005 – KATHLEEN MIMS (after his mother)

Armdale Yacht Club Halifax to Plymouth England.
23 days to cross. John Haswell.

2006 – NF Panderama 2 trip

NF trip on Panderama 2 July 2006.

2006 – Trip to Alaska

A trip to Alaska.


1st. Leg Long Pond Nfld. to Kellybeds Ireland.
Robbie Mamo fun trip.


2nd. Kellybegs to Bantry Bay Ireland – 3 days. John Haswell.
Julian Brown – Bantry Bay, Ireland to Long Pond Nfld.
16 days to cross.

2008 – GITANA

Norway, Scotland to Cork Ireland. Michael Johnson’s boat. Crew Jack Nye, Paul Evans.


– Julian Brown – Voyage from Dartmouth Nova Scotia to England & Ireland hit rocks and repairs had to be done to PANDERAMA II.

2010 – Atlantic Crossing

Started Voyage again and transmission problems ended that trip. 2 UNCOMPLETED SAILING TRIPS.


Dartmouth Nova Scotia to Penzance.
S.W. Coast of England to Bantry Bay Ireland.
26 days to cross. Julian Brown.
From Penzance England to Bantry Bay Ireland 3 days. Julian Brown.


Did not sail the Atlantic.
More work was done on PANDERAMA II at the shop.

2013 – Last Crossing Attempt

The last crossing attempt.