Jack Nye

Jack Nye, a World War 2 Royal Navy veteran developed a passion for the sea and set sail for many voyages of discovery and adventure.

Jack’s Story on turbulent seas

In 1983, Aboard Happy Heart from Portugal to Antigua Jack sailed from Portugal to Antigua.
1985 was his first crossing on his own boat Panderama, a 10-meter Comet built in Italy, bought in England and sailed to NY with 3 aboard. This trip was a disaster, the boat being struck by lightning. This was a Hell Voyage! [continue reading here] and so, there were a total of 18 voyages at sea. Enjoy reading about the adventures filled with the challenges of sailing life at sea.

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The boats

These are some of the blue water boats Jack has sailed.

English Rose

One of many Contessas Jack owned.

English Rose was a good boat but like all good things, it came to an end – was replaced by Panderama.

Panderama I

Panderama was lost at sea

Panderama was not designed for single handling. Sometimes in a daze you think someone else will look after sail trim or steering but, no, you are the only one to do everything.

Panderama II

Made ready for heavy sea water

On this boat Jack made his 18th and final Atlantic crossing.

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And so, this is the story of the founder of Nye Manufacturing Ltd. with a deep passion for the sea.